The Female Taint

The Female Taint

The female taint.  Also known as the perinium or fourchette.

A Fourchette is a fork-shaped structure, specifically the fold of skin where the labia minora halves meet above the perineum.  The perineum is the strip of skin between the anus and the vag.  The perineum is surgically cut during childbirth.  The procedure is called an episiotomy.  The female taint is also more-often-then-not ripped during delivery.  Specially when the woman pushes to hard at the wrong time and/or the dumb kids head is abnormally large and possibly misshapen.

The fourchette is also the forked piece of leather sewn between the fingers on some kinds of gloves. (also known as the sidewall or gusset)

Soooooo a female taint can be called a gusset?

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